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When purchasing a diamond, making an informed decision is crucial. In this Adiamor diamonds review, we look at what Adiamor offers and identify areas where they might fall short. From their affinity diamonds and settings to customer service and website usability, we aim to provide a balanced perspective to help you decide if Adiamor is the right choice for your diamond purchase.

Adiamor Homepage

Adiamor Diamonds Review

Adiamor Affinity Collection

Adiamor's in-house Affinity Collection, as presented on their website, leaves much to be desired. The collection is showcased on a very generic page that lacks essential details such as images and specifications of the diamonds. This absence of visual and technical information is quite disappointing and raises questions about the transparency and quality of the collection.

Diagram showing the Hearts and Arrows pattern in a diamond. The left image displays hearts viewed from the bottom, and the right image shows arrows viewed from the top.

A visual representation of the Hearts and Arrows pattern in diamonds

A major issue with the Affinity Collection is the inconsistency in the presentation of the diamonds. Each diamond is photographed against different backgrounds and under varying lighting conditions, which is highly unprofessional for what is supposed to be a premium collection. This inconsistency makes it challenging for potential buyers to make accurate comparisons and informed decisions.

Screenshot of Adiamor's Affinity Collection showing four round diamonds with inconsistent lighting conditions, making it difficult to compare them.

A screenshot from Adiamor's Affinity Collection. The inconsistent lighting conditions in each image make it challenging to accurately compare the diamonds' qualities.

Moreover, the collection does not include ASET, Ideal Scope, or Hearts and Arrows (H&A) images. These tools are crucial for assessing a diamond's cut quality and light performance. The lack of these images might indicate that the diamonds are not as well-cut as implied, which is a significant red flag for discerning buyers. Overall, the Affinity Collection fails to meet the expectations of a high-quality diamond offering.

If you're not impressed with Adiamor's Affinity Collection, consider exploring other reputable options. Whiteflash A Cut Above®, Astor by Blue Nile, and James Allen True Hearts are excellent alternatives known for their superior quality and detailed performance data.

Adiamor Lab Diamonds

Adiamor's lab-grown diamonds exhibit similar issues to those found in their Affinity Collection. The presentation of these diamonds is marred by inconsistent lighting and varied backgrounds, making it difficult for customers to assess their true appearance and quality.

One of the most concerning aspects is the lack of light performance imagery. Without ASET, Ideal Scope, or H&A Scope images, it is impossible to evaluate the diamond's brilliance, fire, and scintillation. This omission is particularly troubling given that many of the lab diamonds displayed show signs of light leakage, which negatively impacts their visual appeal.

Adiamor's lab diamonds suffer from inadequate presentation and a lack of essential performance data. This, combined with the inconsistent lighting and background issues, makes it challenging to trust the quality and value of these diamonds. Adiamor needs to address these shortcomings to provide a more transparent and reliable experience for potential buyers.

Evaluating Adiamor's Settings

Adiamor offers a solid selection of settings that cater to various tastes and preferences, making it a notable aspect of their offerings. However, there are some points to consider when evaluating their settings.

One notable gap in their selection is the absence of designer engagement rings. While their current assortment is comprehensive and includes many classic and contemporary styles, those looking for exclusive designer options might find the offerings somewhat limited.

Screenshot of Adiamor's product page for a 14K White Gold Tapered Baguette and Cushion Three Stone Setting, featuring various views of the ring including a hand view.

A screenshot from Adiamor's product page showcasing a 14K White Gold Tapered Baguette and Cushion Three Stone Setting. The page includes useful images of the ring on a hand, along with a 360° video and other detailed views, helping customers visualize the ring in real-life scenarios.

The quality of the images of the settings is another mixed aspect. Some pictures appear to be of lower quality, which might be an attempt to maintain fast page loading speeds. Despite this, Adiamor has done a commendable job by including pictures of the rings on hands. This practical touch allows potential buyers to visualize how the rings will look in a real-world context, aiding in making more informed choices.

Additionally, Adiamor's use of social media to showcase their rings through videos is a significant positive. These videos provide a dynamic view of the rings, capturing their sparkle and detail more effectively than static images. This approach helps customers gain a better understanding of the product and enhances their shopping experience.

In conclusion, while Adiamor's settings offer a broad selection and innovative presentation techniques, the lack of designer rings and occasional low-quality images are areas that could benefit from improvement. The inclusion of hand photos and social media videos, however, are excellent features that provide a more comprehensive view of their products.

For those seeking high-quality diamonds paired with designer settings, Adiamor's selection may fall short. Instead, consider Whiteflash or Tiffany & Co, which offer exceptional designer settings along with top-tier diamonds.

Other Benefits: Limited Extras from Adiamor

When evaluating Adiamor's offerings, the additional benefits provided by the company are rather limited and do not particularly stand out in the competitive diamond market. One of the few perks they offer is a Diamond Price Match Guarantee, which can be found on their website. However, this benefit only applies to virtual diamonds. For high-end quality jewelers, diamonds are typically in-house, making this price match guarantee less relevant and not very compelling for serious buyers.

Unfortunately, Adiamor does not offer a trade-up program, a feature that many buyers find attractive when looking for long-term investment and upgrade options. The absence of this program may be a drawback for those who anticipate upgrading their diamonds in the future.

Overall, the additional benefits provided by Adiamor are quite average. The limited scope of their Diamond Price Match Guarantee and the lack of other notable perks, such as a trade-up program, make their offerings less competitive compared to other high-end jewelers who provide more comprehensive and enticing benefits.

Conclusion: Is Adiamor Worth Considering?

In conclusion, while Adiamor offers a broad range of settings and an innovative approach to showcasing their rings through social media videos and hand photos, there are several areas where they fall short. The Affinity Collection and lab diamonds suffer from inconsistent presentation and a lack of critical performance data, making it difficult for customers to assess their true quality. Additionally, the absence of designer engagement rings and some lower-quality images in their settings section detract from the overall experience.

The benefits offered by Adiamor, such as the Diamond Price Match Guarantee, are limited and not particularly compelling compared to other high-end jewelers. The lack of a trade-up program further diminishes their appeal for those looking for long-term investment options.

Overall, Adiamor may be worth considering for those who find their selection appealing and appreciate the visual aids provided. However, potential buyers should be aware of the shortcomings and weigh these against other options in the market to make the most informed decision.

Ultimately, Adiamor struggles to match the diamond quality of Whiteflash and cannot compete with the extensive selection offered by Blue Nile. For a more satisfying and comprehensive diamond shopping experience, these alternatives may better meet your needs.