Tacori Review

Tacori describe themselves as ‘a heritage brand powered by innovation’ and this theme of the old world of jewelry with modern flourishes runs throughout their branding and indeed their jewelry designs.

From Instagram-worthy images of the Californian coast, to sleek videos of the craftsman creating the Tacori settings, everything about this brand is centred around an individual, artisanal theme. There is a personal approach across the website, with an introduction to the Tacori team accompanied by warm portraits of each member. This clean cut, down to earth approach balances well with the intricacy of their jewelry. Although it is never said explicitly, it is impossible to ignore the historical influences in many of the Tacori designs, with detailed beadwork and heavy embellishment being a key feature in many of their signature settings.

The concept of ‘signature’ features is also fundamental to the Tacori brand, something I will explore in depth a little later on. This is a brand which is bringing innovative designs to a highly competitive market. But does the quality live up to the promise?


It is fair to say that the Tacori business is truly a family affair. After leaving Europe in 1969 to start a new chapter in Californian, Haig Tacorian and his wife Gilda dedicated their time to creating flawless, fine jewelry that ‘fused their distinctive European flair with California’s effortless style’. After decades of success, Haig is now Chairman, with his son Paul as the CEO and daughter Nadine as the Design Director and COO. The importance of family, legacy and heritage is evident in all aspects of the running of this company, and Tacori have weaved this sentiment throughout their marketing, presenting their jewelry as heirlooms and encouraging buyers to share a legacy and connect with the more emotional aspects of jewelry.

As a family run business, this company is far from a cottage industry venture. Tacori have used popular culture to further their brand, gaining international exposure after being featured on American TV shows The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Tacori have also launched as many as 30 lawsuits to protect their signature crescent feature showing the importance that unique jewelry has to this brand.

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If you have looked at Tacori engagement rings, you will have undoubtedly heard the word ‘crescent’ and probably more than once. The original crescent design is what set Tacori apart from other bridal jewelry brands, presenting something rarely seen on wedding or engagement rings. The patented design features crescent shapes cut out from the band and set with diamonds. The effect is a ring that gives a unique pattern when viewed side-on.

Classic Crescent

The classic crescent collection is all about showing off the band. While ‘classic’ might conjure images of simple, plain band solitaires for other brands, the classic crescent collection features heavily embellished and adorned engagement rings that present Tacori detailing and craftsmanship at its finest.

With variations of band (knife-edge, waved) and most designs having alternative metal options, there is variety in this collection but with a strong Tacori identity.

Beyond the classic crescent, Tacori offer six more collections.

Tacori Ring
All of Tacori’s designs will feature the crescent detail in some way.

Petite Crescent

Tacori Petite Crescent

The petite collection is a refined, French-cut collection with less metal-work than the classic crescent collection. The petite crescent band is able to handle a little more detailing in the gallery and setting. This stunning petite crescent halo engagement ring uses baguette cut diamonds in the halo, creating an unusual octagon silhouette.

Simply Tacori

Simply Tacori

Much closer to the ‘classic solitaire’ the simply Tacori collection would appeal to anyone wanting just a touch of Tacori. This highly wearable collection dials back the embellishments to make room for lesser chosen diamond cuts, such as this simply Tacori marquise cut solitaire.



‘Dantela’ is the Romanian word for lace, and this collection incorporates feminine, bridal elegance in Tacori’s unique style. The ‘Dantela Bloom’ is diamond detailing in the setting, which Tacori say is engineered to make the centre stone look 30% larger. This collection is all about drawing the eye to the centre stone, using lace-work crowns and the ‘bloom’ to guide the eye to the main event.



A modern play on ‘royalty’ this collection features the biggest and best works by the Tacori craftsmen. The collection is designed to accommodate large diamonds (2.00ct and above) and is available exclusively in platinum. A larger shank means even more space to display Tacori’s exquisite details. I also commend Tacori for their exceptional use of step and brilliant cuts within these designs like this princess cut RoyalT ring with brilliant and baguette cut diamonds. This approach distinguishes Tacori from the safety of a round brilliant diamond on an eternity band, and instead creates works that are entirely unique. If you are fortunate enough to have a larger budget to play with, the RoyalT collection is guaranteed to impress.

Sculpted Crescent

Sculpted Crescent

While other Tacori designs feature the crescents cut away from the metal leaving spaces of light, the sculpted collection sees the signature shape cut into the metal, leaving the band complete. It is the most classic and sleek of all the Tacori collections, perfect for those who desire a classic look with subtle, hidden detailing.

Clean Crescent

Clean Crescent

And finally, a modern yet modest take on the Tacori style can be seen in their Clean Crescent collection. These designs use the signature crescent shape to emphasize the outer diamonds by undulating beneath them. While perhaps more simple than Tacori’s other collections, the clean crescent rings still feature the delicate beading as can be seen in this elegant clean crescent solitaire.    

Price and Quality

Tacori boast the highest quality and finish for their engagement rings. Their platinum rings are comprised of 95% platinum to 5% iridium, creating a highly durable ring with a beautiful high-shine finish. Their other metal options are 18k yellow, rose and white gold giving the best balance between durability and color.

But will you pay more? Put quite simply, yes. Tacori sit in the upper-end of engagement and bridal jewelry, but I suggest that their prices are reasonable, given the quality and craftsmanship in their jewelry. I usually compare simple solitaire settings to give readers and idea of price difference, however when it comes to Tacori no such simplicity exists.

This brand is all about detail and breaking away from a mass-manufactured mould. You cannot compare Tacori to any other brand, online or otherwise, as their works are examples of artisanal beauty.

It is true that you will pay a premium on these pieces of jewelry. Tacori is a premium brand and their emphasis on signature details show that they want you to boast their name when you wear their jewelry. They are trying to create something that is instantly recognisable, as is the ambition of any designer brand. Rest assured that there are no gimmicks, and this is a name worth paying for.

Where to purchase a Tacori Engagement Ring?

If you’re thinking of purchasing a Tacori engagement ring, it’s vital that you buy it from a genuine, approved seller.

Tacori engagement rings cannot be purchased through the brand’s website. Instead, they can be bought from exclusively from authorized retailers throughout North America, who have been hand-picked to stock and sell the rings. You can see a list of all the retailers here.

I would recommend looking at the large collection of Tacori designs on the Whiteflash website. Whiteflash offer secure, international shipping and are an official Tacori retail partner. They are also the home of A CUT ABOVE® Super Ideal Diamonds which are widely recognized as one of the most exceptional cuts of diamond, offering the greatest light return and Hearts and Arrows formation.

And Finally…

If you are looking for a setting which casts plain, traditional designs into the shadows, then Tacori should be your first choice.

Be prepared for many of their designs to feel or appear larger than rings you may be use to. Though I wouldn’t describe their designs as ‘heavy’, many of them require a marginally thicker band to incorporate their signature detailing. If you are looking for something daintier, consider their Sculpted Crescent or Clean Crescent collections.

Their marketing is clever; the play on legacy and family runs perfectly with the theme of having something unique and artisan. But beyond the branding, their creations are truly spectacular examples of intricate craftsmanship at its best.