At Diamond Expert, I pride myself on being able to offer bespoke diamond buying insights to you - for absolutely nothing at all. I’ve adored diamonds ever since I can remember, and for that reason, my diamond concierge service will always remain complimentary for those who share the same sentiment.

It’s no secret that I’m passionate about diamonds. Their icy excellence, their undeniable beauty and what they’re capable of symbolizing are truly extraordinary. That’s why helping you buy the perfect ring for your beloved holds a special place in my heart. It’s a service I wish was available when making my very first diamond purchasing decisions. So, I feel I’m obliged to share my decades of insider knowledge online with you, so you can be informed through each step of your diamond purchase journey.

The Diamond Expert Experience 

Besides feeling content in knowing I’ve shared my passion with somebody equally as excited, I do, however, sometimes receive a commission, if and when you decide to purchase the diamonds or rings I recommended. This is through some of the affiliate marketing programs I’ve joined, this helps to fund the site and enables me to continue providing diamond education and recommendations without charge. 

This program is used by many companies in their retrospective industries as a way to compensate experts like me for recommending their products to buyers like you - if the right fit, of course. It’s particularly valuable for those hidden gems you otherwise wouldn’t come across during your search.

But rest assured, my recommendations and opinions are impartial and entirely tailored to your needs. For more information on my unbiased advice and observations, please head to my US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) disclosure page.

I am signed up to all major retailers so I can explore a range of options; justly, they all offer largely the same compensation to me if you do fall in love and decide to purchase. It is important to me to remain independent and recommend only the best diamonds and settings for your specifications, and this allows me to do just that. 

If you’re looking for specialized diamond or ring purchasing recommendations, get in touch via my Contact page. Together we’ll help you find the perfect piece.