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Diamond Expert offers bespoke diamond buying opinions to you for free.

Why free? I hear you ask.


I’m passionate about diamonds.


Helping you buy the best ring your fiancée deserves pleases me very much.

I do, however, receive a commission, if and when you decide to purchase the diamonds or rings I recommended. This is through some of the affiliate marketing programs I’ve joined to help fund this site.

This program is used by many companies as a way to compensate website editors like me for recommending their products to consumers like you, where you may not come across their products during your search.

But rest assured, the recommendations and opinions you receive from me will be impartial and tailored to your needs. For more information, please head to my FTC disclosure page. I am signed up to all major retailers and by and large they all offer the same compensation so I am still able to remain independent and recommend the best diamonds and settings.

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