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If you are looking to buy an engagement ring to celebrate your love, you are most likely already aware of the importance of color and how it can affect a diamond’s overall appearance. F color diamonds are in demand because of their icy excellence. As the most common (and most affordable) of the truly colorless diamond grades, they are certainly worth considering to fulfill your diamond desires.

D color diamonds, the rarest of them all, are only 2 color grades higher than F color, with usually no visually detectable body color when viewed in a controlled laboratory setting, by experts, of course. 

A well cut F color diamond can look absolutely gorgeous, all while costing a little less than a diamond with a D color grade. This doesn’t necessarily mean that buying an F color diamond is your best option as a consumer, but most certainly worth your time. From what determines F color diamonds to when they’re advantageous to purchase and how to access their ultimate sparkle, we’ve discussed F color diamonds and their value. 

What Is an F Color Diamond and How Does It Compare?

When diamonds are evaluated and graded for quality by a trusted gemological lab, such as American Gem Society Laboratories (AGS) and Gemological Institute of America (GIA), they are  accompanied by a certificate listing factors relating to their cut quality, clarity, carat weight and color. 

Reputable labs grade diamonds for color using a scale from D to Z, created originally by the Gemological Institute of America in the 1950s. 

Majority of diamonds have a faint yellow tint, due to the nitrogen atoms in their atomic structure that absorb blue, leaving a slightly yellowish body color. However, the top three colors D, E, and F are considered colorless - and incredibly rare as a result. 

Only expert gemologists can tell the difference between the different diamonds in these grades, usually with the help of bright laboratory lighting and enhanced magnification from a jeweler’s loupe. 

Admittedly, you do not have to be a diamond expert to spot the differences between the elite scale and lower grades. Take a look at this F color diamond from Whiteflash:

And a lower color for yourself; it is much easier to see that icy excellence.

For ease, a diamond’s color is evaluated in comparison to other diamonds with known grades - this is called a diamond master set. With such miniscule difference, this is typically the only way to see the disparity in color or absence of color that characterizes each of the GIA color grades we’ve all come to know. 

Diamonds with stronger levels of yellow and brown, as well as colors other than yellow or brown are categorized as fancy colored diamonds and graded using a different scale.

[If icy, colorless diamonds that refract and sparkle at every handshake, toast and special moment isn’t a priority, James Allen has become one of the most popular choices for many people looking for a unique diamond engagement ring. 

They are especially well versed in fancy shape and color diamonds, with yellow, pink, blue, green and brown diamonds dazzling when placed in their unique settings, however for icy white diamonds of the highest cut quality consider Whiteflash and their A CUT ABOVE® Diamonds.

Admiring a diamond that is incredibly clear is enticing - bound to not catch only the light, but the attention of anybody appreciative of such rarity. Other factors, particularly diamond cut quality, play a substantial role in determining brilliance, fire and scintillation than color in the near colorless to colorless range. 

Are F Color Diamonds Worth it?

The excellent color of an F color diamond comes at a price. Although F color diamonds are usually less expensive than their icy counterparts, D and E color diamonds, they’re more expensive than G, H, I  and J color diamonds. 

Will anybody be able to tell that your diamond is an F color when set in an engagement ring? If your diamond is set in platinum or another white metal like palladium or even a bright white gold, professionals will be able to see your diamond for all its colorless beauty - but not its exact grade. 

Oher quality factors that make up the four Cs should always be at the front of mind. A color F diamond will be completely colorless, regardless of its shape. With that said, that’s not to say it cannot be enhanced by a carefully chosen cut.

Whiteflash’s A CUT ABOVE® collection hit the sweet spot of diamond standards and represents the best of the best. These diamonds take sensational cut quality and marry it with high color and clarity grades for exceptionally rare and stunning diamonds.

Make sure all other aspects of your diamond’s quality are also investment grade to ensure it is entirely worth your purchase - an easy way to guarantee this is exploring your options with jewelers that provide detailed specifications and unmatched passion for the art. 

What Enhances F Color Diamonds?

As I’ll always say, and continue to commend any jeweler for championing, the most important factor in determining how exquisite a diamond looks - cut quality. Undeniably, diamond cut has the most influence on overall beauty.

Such diamonds, with high clarity grades, typically hold their value best over time. Have not just a special place in your heart but in the eyes of many diamond professionals, like myself, and other enthusiasts alike. 

If the most rare and colorless of diamonds is not high on your priority list for your engagement ring or you would rather reserve the budget for a more refined cut, then James Allen True Hearts™ or Astor collection by Blue Nile have diamonds that focus on wonderful designer settings over quality.

If you’ve already set your budget for an engagement ring and find that a dreamy F color diamond is achievable, without compromising the diamond’s cut quality or carat weight, then I implore you to invest in such a timeless piece. 

Remember, any yellow or rose gold setting will create the appearance of a slightly yellow stone, so when investing in an F color grade do the diamond justice with a band that complements it. 

Superiority resides in F colored diamonds that are not just colorless but also flawless and immaculately cut. Ultimately, only you can decide if such rarity is worth it. However, if a delightful colorless diamond is calling your name, make sure to take a look at my reviews for who can meet your needs.