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A well-cut, 5 carat diamond is a rare thing of remarkable beauty. At this carat weight, diamonds have presence and prominence on the hand, giving a dazzling sparkle that is certain to turn heads.

As carat weight increases, the guidelines for a successful purchase change. This guide will cover the where and how of buying a 5-carat diamond ring so that you can confidently shop for a beautiful diamond.

How Big is a 5 Carat Diamond?

A 5-carat diamond weighs approximately one gram. While carat measures weight, the actual size is in millimeters. For a round cut diamond, 5 carats typically equate to around 11mm in diameter. Note that diamond shape and cut can influence its apparent size i.e. a 5 carat oval will be around 12x10 mm.

A full 4-carats above the average engagement ring size, a 5-carat diamond can be considered a large diamond whilst still being a highly wearable carat weight. There is a misconception that a 5-carat diamond would be heavy on the hand, but 1g is about the same as a paperclip. It is the metal of a setting that makes rings heavy.   

How to Buy a 5 Carat Diamond

One thing I learned during my years in the diamond district was that even when money is no object, all buyers love a saving – and why not! It makes no sense for the average buyer to spend tens/hundreds of thousands of dollars on qualities that cannot be appreciated by eye (unless you are buying for collection or investment purposes). Making good choices for diamond quality will result in savings that can be put towards a superb setting to finish the ring of your dreams.

These are my recommendations for the 4C’s of your 5-carat diamond.

Diamond Color

The goal is a sparkling, white diamond without overspending. A G-I color grade is the best way to achieve this. As part of the near colorless category, very few people can detect any color within diamonds at this grade. For warm metals such as rose and yellow gold, a J may even be suitable.

If you are setting your 5-carat diamond in a ring that features diamonds (halo, three-stone, pave etc), try to ensure the accompanying diamonds are a maximum of two grades out from your central stone.

Diamond Clarity

Eye-clean is all that matters when it comes to clarity. Achieving this is more challenging as carat weight increases as larger diamonds present flaws more readily and finding one without any is incredibly rare. Focus your search on a VS2 clarity grading – at this grade, inclusions are usually imperceptible to the naked eye. Use high-res imaging to guide your search.

Diamond Cut

I strongly recommend dedicating the lion’s share of your budget towards a super-ideal cut. Cut quality dictates the fire, scintillation and brilliance of a diamond. There are no shortcuts or substitutions for a quality cut.

Looking for the highest quality 5 carat diamonds? Check out Whiteflash’s A CUT ABOVE® loose diamonds. If you’re need a fancy shaped diamond consider Blue Nile and for a colored diamond try Leibish and Co.

How Much is a 5 Carat Diamond

The question at the crux of it all: how much is a 5-carat diamond ring? Let’s look at an example of a diamond that gets the Diamond Expert thumbs up.

Whiteflash A CUT ABOVE® round brilliant diamond

Carat weight: 5.217ct
Color: H
Clarity: VS2
Lab: AGS
Price: $131,000

5.217 ct H VS2 A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows Diamond from Whiteflash

For me, this diamond ticks every single box. A world-class cut, a bright white sparkle and utterly eye clean. In all areas, this is a reasonable spend for a 5-carat diamond of this quality.

A Lab-Created 5.03 Carat Princess Diamond from James Allen

Realistically, you need to set a budget of at least $128,000 for a quality 5 carat natural diamond. You will see diamonds for far less than this across the internet and even in jewelry shops, but resist the urge to shop cheap. A diamond is something to be respected and treasured and skimping on important qualities will result in a dull and disappointing stone.

5 Carat Lab Diamonds

Just like their natural counterparts, 5-carat lab-created diamonds are a rarity in the market, embodying both the grandeur and the significant presence that comes with such a substantial carat weight. These lab-grown gems offer a more sustainable and often more affordable alternative to natural diamonds, yet they share the same allure and beauty.

The pricing of 5-carat lab diamonds can vary widely, starting from around $3,700 to upwards of $24,000. This range reflects the diversity in quality, cut, color, and clarity that also influences the value of natural diamonds. However, it's important to note that the market for lab-created diamonds is currently experiencing a high degree of price volatility. This fluctuation is due to several factors, including advancements in technology, changes in supply and demand, and the evolving perception of lab-grown diamonds among consumers.

When considering a 5-carat lab diamond, it's crucial to conduct thorough research and possibly consult with a trusted jeweler. Despite their growing popularity, the rarity of such a large lab-created diamond means that finding the perfect stone requires patience and a keen eye for detail. Whether you're drawn to the sustainability aspect or the potential cost savings, a 5-carat lab diamond represents a significant investment in a piece that's both stunning and conversation-worthy.

Looking to find your perfect lab-created diamond? Explore the exquisite collections offered by Whiteflash, Brilliant Earth, and James Allen

Where Can I Buy a 5 Carat Diamond Ring?

Understandably, first time customers are sceptical about parting with this much money online. Rest assured that my recommended vendors are legitimate, honest and reputable. On top of the money you will save from buying online, you will also find a greater selection of diamonds and settings, and pressure-free guidance from their experts.

Big name jeweler’s typically have the monopoly on large diamonds. Tiffany & Co, Boodles, Harry Winston and DeBeers all sell some stunning pre-set jewelry – but prepared to easily slip into millions of dollars. These names carry huge premiums.

Diamonds of this size are extremely rare and getting the best quality is imperative, therefore I would only really recommend Whiteflash when purchasing a 5 carat diamond ring. They provide high res diamond light performance images with HD Video and a seamless service from start to finish. Their prices reflect the quality of the diamond rather than the name attached to them and have their own portfolio of designer settings to accompany your diamond.

5-carat diamonds are a remarkable choice for those seeking extraordinary beauty and significant presence in their jewelry. Whether natural or lab-created, these gems are rare and command attention, but they also require careful consideration of quality and budget. With prices varying greatly based on several factors, it's essential to research and choose a reputable retailer

For further advice on finding an exquisite 5-carat diamond ring, do not hesitate to contact me.