Martin Flyer are perhaps one of the best-known designers of bridal jewelry in the united states. Priding themselves on using only the best materials possible, they have been a favourite among brides to be since the mid 1940’s. With such an impressive legacy, do Martin Flyer engagement rings still deliver the same luxury and beauty over seventy years since they were founded? And are these coveted engagement rings good value for money?

The History

Martin Flyer was founded in 1945 and is now run by third generation business member, Joshua Kaufman, who continues to steer the company towards classic diamond jewelry crafted in the highest quality materials available. Their years of experiences has led to Martin Flyer offering a strong buying experience for customers, with impressive customer service and detailed educational pages across their websites.

The Designs

Martin Flyer works in a variety of precious metals including 14k white gold, 18k white gold, 14k yellow gold, 18k yellow gold, rose gold and platinum. Unlike other designer brands, Martin Flyer does not offer distinct collections, instead their rings fall into classic categories pertaining to their style. These categories include:

  • Solitaire style engagement rings
  • Three stone style engagement rings
  • Channel style engagement rings
  • Shared prong style engagement rings
  • Micro Pave style engagement rings
  • Gemstones & Fancy Color

Their brand tends to avoid gimmicky collections and marketing tools, and elevates traditional bridal jewelry to the highest standard and tailors it to the modern bride.

The company have also trademarked the FlyerFit collection. This is a new bridal line and the engagement rings are designed to fit perfectly with the wedding bands, avoiding any awkward gaps or uncomfortable rubbing. The collection was designed to signify the uniting of two people, who can perfectly fit together without sacrificing their own unique personalities.

The Quality

Martin Flyer rings are exceptionally well made, with a luxury finish that is in keeping with their polished brand image. Their settings are secure and their micropave is beautifully executed, giving a great sparkle that is uniform and neat. I would suggest that their designs are best suited for those looking for a simple or more classic ring; if you are looking for an engagement ring that is particularly unusual or contemporary, Martin Flyer may not be for you.

Martin Flyer also has options available for the quality diamonds in their melees. Buyers are offered two quality brackets, choosing from either G/H/SI1/SI2 or H-I/SI2. This is an excellent feature, with the quality additional diamonds often being over looked by other brands. This not only allows the buyer extra assurance on quality, but also gives some flexibility when it comes to budget.

As such a big name in the world of bridal jewelry, Martin Flyer are committed to high quality jewelry that is built to last. They offer a lifetime guarantee on all of their engagement rings.

The Price

Martin Flyer are towards the upper end of designer engagement ring prices. The premium you pay is absolutely reflected in the quality, however when looking at a basic solitaire it is clear that, just like buying from Tiffany & Co, you also pay for the name. The Martin Flyer brand carries with it promises of luxury and service and successfully delivers on these fronts.

This 14k white gold tapered Cathedral setting by Martin Flyer (as seen here on the James Allen website) costs $750. 

14K White Gold Tapered Cathedral Engagement Ring By Martin Flyer

The equivalent 14k white gold setting from Blue Nile is $485 – a difference of $215, however it is worth considering that the setting sold by Blue Nile is a generic, mass-produced setting that will lack the attention to detail and pristine finish of a Martin Flyer. Ultimately it is down to buyer to decide with this price difference can be justified for a basic setting, but when opting for a more complex setting, such as pave, this difference in price is worth every penny as the durability and beauty is far more evident.

The Website

The Martin Flyer website perfectly reflects their classic image. Their jewelry can be purchased through one of their authorised retailers.

I would recommend considering Tacori, A.Jaffe, and Verragio before purchasing a Martin Flyer setting.

The Final Word

Martin Flyer offer top quality rings that come with all the reassurances that one would expect from such a longstanding, esteemed brand. Using the finest materials, Martin Flyer offer a diverse selection of rings that are all rich with a feeling of classic, timeless beauty. Their website makes it easy to browse their full portfolio, making them a great choice for any bride desiring a classically ring that is made to the highest standards.