Simon G are held within high-esteem in the world of bridal jewelry. Their collections are extremely varied, covering a huge range of styles meaning they are suitable for all different tastes and preferences. Perhaps the most notable feature of Simon G jewelry is their exceptional attention to detail and the luxury finish on all of their rings. When shopping designer, it is the small details that matter, and Simon G have got this covered. But are they worth the price?

The History

Armenian born Simon Ghanimian came to the United States with $200, and a belief that hard work and dedication would help him achieve his dreams. Simon arrived in the states with a view to be an Engineer, but could not afford the fees to study. A relative working in the New York City diamond district offered him some work in order to save up and achieve his goals. He instantly fell in love with diamonds and the jewelry making process, and before long was creating designs of his own.

Simon G’s creations are now sold in over 900 stores across north America. His story is an embodiment of the American dream, and the Simon G brand continues to adhere to his philosophy of hard work and commitment to high quality jewelry.

The Designs

I commend Simon G for their huge variety of designs, which dare to be different in an industry that is so often dominated by generic styles and regurgitated designs. Their website lists over sixteen jewelry collections and three stand-out engagement ring collections (as of 2018), though older collections are still available through their licensed retailers.

Passion Collection - Image courtesy Whiteflash

The Passion Collection includes some of the more elaborate examples of Simon G engagement rings, but maintains a classic style. These rings often have mixed metal features and use colored gemstones to enhance the central stone. Like many Simon G designs, Passion rings often use a mix of diamond cuts in a creative and balanced way.

Duchess Collection - Image courtesy Whiteflash

The Duchess Collection features some exceptionally delicate rings with a creative flair. This dainty three stone ring is the perfect example of classic styling with a Simon G twist.

The Classic Collection is Simon G appealing to a more traditional bride, who still wants a beautifully executed ring. These designs are generally more minimalist than the other collections, but still utilise complex style features that set them apart from your run of the mill solitaires. Their diamond melees use individual prongs for each tiny diamond – it is the smaller details like this that make the difference with a Simon G ring.

The Caviar Collection builds upon the elegant shape of a round brilliant by using beading and dot-work, creating a luxurious effect.

Buying a Simon G Ring

Simon G rings are sold without the central diamond so you will need to purchase one alongside the mount for a complete ring. This means it is extremely important that you consider where you will be buying your Simon G ring from, as the results can be very different.

Simon G lists their authorized retailers on their website, but many of these are listed as bricks and mortar stores located across the U.S. The issue with this, is that there is no guarantee that the retailer will be able to provide a high-quality diamond. These stores often have a very low inventory of diamonds that are often low quality but carry a high price tag.

Fortunately, there are online retailers authorised to sell Simon G rings – the most notable and highly recommended among these online retailers is Whiteflash. Choosing Whiteflash offers peace of mind for an authentic Simon G engagement ring. Furthermore, their in-house A CUT ABOVE® Super Ideal Cut diamonds represent the best cut quality and light performance, which can be expertly set into your Simon G mount.


Simon G rings are very reasonably priced, given the level of craftsmanship that goes into creating one. The premium you pay can be comfortably justified in the attention to detail (such as additional prongs in diamond melees) and pristine finish of the ring. As always, if you are looking for an extremely simple solitaire on a plain band, there will be a price hike when choosing designer, but if you fall for one of Simon G’s unique designs, this simply cannot be replicated and your money is well spent with this respected and established brand.

The Final Word

Simon G tick a lot of boxes with their bridal jewelry; their style is distinctive without being overbearing and therefore it will appeal to a wide audience of shoppers, regardless of how different their tastes may be. They cover a ‘something for everyone’ catalogue without conforming to generic designs and in this way, stand out proudly against mass-manufactured engagement rings.