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Whiteflash stand out for their collection of super-ideal cut diamonds, specifically their in-house A CUT ABOVE® Diamonds; these diamonds go through the most rigorous testing and must meet exacting standards in order to receive the esteemed A CUT ABOVE® title. They are in-stock and available only through Whiteflash.

Do these stringent specifications result in beautiful diamonds? Let’s find out.

What is an A CUT ABOVE® Diamond?

The cut quality of a diamond is extremely important. Both the AGS and GIA have a grading system for the cut quality of diamonds, but while these gem labs are by far the most reliable and reputable, super-ideal cut diamonds go beyond the highest cut grades that these labs award. A CUT ABOVE® diamonds are precision cut diamonds that ‘hit the bullseye’ of AGS and GIA cut standards.

There are three branches of the A CUT ABOVE® family; Hearts & Arrows, The Collection Series and Princess.

A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows

A hearts and arrows diamond describes the optical effect that occurs when a round brilliant diamond has been cut with perfect symmetry. The diamond will display eight hearts and eight arrows. There are lots of hearts and arrows diamonds on the market, but they are not all equal in quality. The baseline requirement for an A CUT ABOVE® hearts and arrows diamond is an AGS triple zero grade but beyond this, the criteria is meticulous:

  • Check for eight equal, uniform, and symmetrical hearts that are distinct and separate from the arrowheads above.
  • Check to see if the hearts are split and if so, measure the length of heart then the length of the split.
  • Calculate the % of the length of the split and if it is greater than 8% and there are more than 2 of them the pattern fails.
  • Each arrow must be clearly visible with a shaft and an arrowhead.
  • The 8 arrow heads must be in alignment.
  • The 8 tips of the arrowheads must meet the girdle.
  • There must be uniformity and balance.

As well as extensive diamond imaging (more on this later), when you purchase a loose, A CUT ABOVE® diamond, it will arrive with a tool kit, including a hearts and arrows viewer. This allows you to observe first hand the incredible symmetry your diamond possesses. These little touches not only make A CUT ABOVE® stand out, but show the genuine passion and confidence Whiteflash have in the quality of their diamonds.

It’s all very well claiming to offer super-ideal cut diamonds but a huge selling point for A CUT ABOVE® Diamonds is they back up these claims using extensive performance reports to give conclusive and tangible proof of the superior light performance and symmetry of their diamonds.

A CUT ABOVE® Diamonds Proof of Performance

The subject of diamond cut and light performance might be complex, but A CUT ABOVE® deliver it in a user-friendly way that is actually helpful to consumers. Forget the patter of diamond industry jargon used to bamboozle unsuspecting customers and instead take a look at the simple imaging and performance reports offered by A CUT ABOVE®.

Hearts and Arrows View

The hearts image demonstrates the distinct hearts and arrows patterning that the ACA diamonds present vs a diamond with cutting flaws that inhibit the hearts and arrows. Learn more about hearts and arrows.

Diamond Image

High-res, magnified images of the diamond enable buyers to scrutinised clarity and cut quality.


Ideal Scope give simple, easy to interpret images that indicate light return. Learn more about Idealscope.


An ASET image is a visual presentation of the AGS cut grading system. It gives a more detailed look at how your diamond is handling light. Learn more about ASET imaging.

A CUT ABOVE® Princess and Collection Series

The hearts and arrows collection may well be the jewel in the A CUT ABOVE® crown, particularly with round brilliants making up the majority of diamonds sold, but the Princess and Collection Series offer something truly unique as well.

The specifications for an A CUT ABOVE® princess cut diamond are just as stringent as those used to grade round brilliants. There tends to be less focus upon the cut quality of princess cut diamonds among inferior vendors; much of this is to do with the lack of industrywide consensus on princess cut grades. This can make it challenging for buyers to find a truly exceptional princess cut diamond. Fortunately, Whiteflash A CUT ABOVE® provide detailed specifications for their princess cut diamonds and the standard ensures diamonds with an unrivalled fire and exquisite brilliance.

The A CUT ABOVE® Collection series represents the best of the best. These diamonds take sensational cut quality and partner it with the top color and clarity grades for truly rare and beautiful diamonds.

Are A CUT ABOVE® Diamonds as Good as They Claim?

Over the years I have watched diamond brands come and go, witnessed heavy marketing campaigns for ‘ideal diamonds’ and seen consumers overspending on average diamonds. I am pleased to say that A CUT ABOVE® Diamonds are different. Seeing is believing and knowledge is power; their imaging, reports and education pages show customers exactly why their diamonds are the best of the best. The A CUT ABOVE® diamonds hit a variety of price points too, so even if you’re working to a modest budget, they have made it possible for you to own a super-ideal cut diamond.