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In this Whiteflash review, we delve into one of the premier online diamond retailers known for housing an impressive ‘in-stock’ inventory. Whiteflash stands out primarily for its dedication to the Four Cs, with a particular emphasis on the precision of its diamond cuts. 

Whiteflash Homepage

Whiteflash excels by providing detailed technical data on the cut of its diamonds, thereby setting a high standard that distinguishes it from others in the industry. While Blue Nile may have pioneered the online diamond retail boom, Whiteflash has not only followed in its footsteps but has enhanced many of the once-unique features offered by its competitors. With a nearly flawless reputation and a loyal customer base that keeps coming back, Whiteflash has continuously raised the bar for luxury online branding and customer service since its inception in 2000.

If you are considering a premium online diamond purchase, Whiteflash comes highly recommended for its exceptional standards and commitment to quality.

The History

With its roots sown in Houston, Texas, Whiteflash has built a solid reputation through its drive for the highest standards. Its greatest achievement and contribution to the world of diamonds are found in its signature line A CUT ABOVE® Super Ideal stones. This cut of stone is masterful and technical, and is widely recognized as one of the most exceptional cuts of diamond, offering the greatest light return and Hearts and Arrows formation.

Whiteflash’s success does not rest solely on this signature cut, but also through its continued pursuit of white gloves customer service and detailed technical advice that has found itself to be a top choice for buyers.

Whiteflash Engagement Rings

Whiteflash has a large drive towards designer engagement rings and settings. From what I can see on the website, Whiteflash carries eight designers:

In this instance, it’s not only just the quantity game but the quality too. Simply put, Whiteflash is the only one out of the three online jewelers that carries the top four designers in the world – Tacori, Simon G, Ritani and A.Jaffe. The designers on James Allen and Blue Nile rosters are great too, but they are just smaller and less-known designers.

This means that Whiteflash is simply one the largest jewelers offering an array of settings, styles, and choices online. Whether you’re looking for a typical American style with heavy use of beading, embellishment and side stones, European elaborate vintage look, or modern petite look, Whiteflash got you covered.

Nevertheless, Whiteflash boasts one of the largest inventories of GIA diamonds with AGS Ideal reports and Super Ideal Cut round brilliant and princess cut stones, as well a huge inventory of in-stock lab diamonds in shapes and sizes (meaning they are immediately available for shipping).

The advantage of in-house stock is the assurance that Whiteflash’s experts have assessed the diamonds before they are sent. This step can often be missed with other online traders, who may opt to ship straight from vendor to client, without a thorough examination of the stone in question.

The Website

Quality and choice should always be championed when buying a diamond online; however, website comprehension is also key in the buying experience. This is where Whiteflash falls behind some of its competitors.

Whiteflash’s online platform offers an array of sophisticated filtering options that go beyond the basic principles typical of many diamond retailers. Users can refine their search according to the Four Cs—carat, color, clarity, and cut—but Whiteflash also allows for intricate filtering based on polish, symmetry, and depth, which are critical for discerning customers focused on a diamond's intricate details. This meticulous attention to detail in the search process mirrors the precision Whiteflash applies to their diamond selection and presentation.

Following a significant update to a responsive website design, Whiteflash has continued to enhance its user interface in response to customer feedback. The design and functionality of the website cater specifically to a discerning clientele that expects a premium shopping experience. This focus is evident in the presentation of each diamond, which includes not only high-quality images under various lighting conditions but also comprehensive technical data.

Every diamond listed on Whiteflash’s site comes with an array of detailed analytics designed to inform and reassure the buyer of their choice. This includes a brilliance and sparkle video that showcases the gem's light performance, as well as advanced imaging tools like Ideal Scope, ASET maps, and Hearts and Arrows diagrams, which provide insights into the diamond’s optical symmetry and light handling properties. Additionally, each listing is accompanied by a Sarine report—a detailed document that outlines the stone's proportions and angles—and easy access to the diamond’s certification from respected bodies such as GIA and IGI/GIA for lab grown diamonds.

These features collectively enhance the buying experience by providing a clear, tangible sense of the diamond's quality and aesthetics. Such detailed information underscores Whiteflash's commitment to transparency and quality, setting them apart as a leader in the premium diamond market. Whether examining a diamond beneath UV lights or through a microscope, it’s clear that Whiteflash prioritizes a deep understanding of each stone’s unique characteristics and potential to deliver exceptional fire and brilliance.

Customer Education

Whiteflash's Diamond Education Center caters to all levels of interest, from novices to seasoned enthusiasts. The resource is rich with articles penned by seasoned gemologists and educators boasting over three decades of experience. Consider bookmarking this invaluable page; with diligent study, you can also become well-versed in the nuances of diamond quality.

While many jewelers offer educational resources, the depth and expertise provided by Whiteflash's materials are notably superior. A comparison of content quality clearly shows that Whiteflash's commitment to educating their customers sets them apart in the industry.

Whiteflash Diamonds

Whiteflash features two main diamond product offerings: A CUT ABOVE® and Precision Lab diamonds. A CUT ABOVE® diamonds, exclusive to Whiteflash, are internationally recognized Super Ideal diamonds, known for their exceptional cut quality and brilliant light performance. Each diamond is crafted to sparkle and flash magically, capturing light beautifully, even in low-light conditions. On the other hand, Whiteflash’s Precision Lab diamonds leverage over two decades of expertise in diamond cutting and light performance, offering a cost-effective alternative without sacrificing cut quality. These lab-grown diamonds are cut to the same exacting standards as A CUT ABOVE® diamonds, ensuring they exhibit the same fire, brilliance, and sparkle as their natural counterparts, making them a superb choice for those seeking premium quality at a more accessible price point.

Whiteflash sets the gold standard in the industry with their exceptionally strict cut parameters, offering some of the highest quality natural and lab diamonds available on the market, often surpassing even the esteemed standards of Tiffany.

Whiteflash's Precision Lab-Grown Diamonds

Whiteflash leverages over two decades of expertise in diamond light performance and precision cutting to offer the Precision Lab category. These lab-grown diamonds are crafted by the same specialists who develop the A CUT ABOVE® Super Ideal Diamonds, ensuring each stone meets rigorous standards for optimal light performance at a more accessible price.

Key Features of Precision Lab Diamonds:

  • Certification & Verification: Every diamond includes a detailed grading report from top gemological laboratories (IGI or GIA) and is laser inscribed for authenticity, which can be verified using a jeweler's loupe at 10X magnification.

  • Advanced Imaging: Diamonds are showcased with comprehensive imaging tools such as ASET, IdealScope, Hearts and Arrows, and HD video to demonstrate superior cut quality and light performance.

  • Commitment to Transparency: Each diamond is meticulously screened for any transparency issues, ensuring only diamonds with the clearest quality and maximum brilliance are offered.

  • Ethical & Economic Value: Whiteflash respects diverse customer ethics and budgets, providing lab-grown diamonds as a cost-effective, high-quality option. This choice supports ethical considerations and offers significant savings, especially during economic uncertainties.

By choosing Whiteflash for your lab-grown diamond, you benefit from unmatched expertise in diamond quality and light performance, coupled with exceptional customer service and a wide selection of fine jewelry settings.

Shop Whiteflash Lab Diamonds

In today’s market, lab-grown, or synthetic, diamonds are becoming more and more popular, so it is good to see Whiteflash adapting to a consumer trend. There can be a certain elitism when it comes to comparing natural and synthetic diamonds. Evidently, there are distinct advantages to buying natural, but lab-grown diamonds represent an accessibility to the world of diamonds that wasn’t necessarily present before. 

Lab-grown diamonds are far superior to diamond simulants, such as cubic zirconias or moissanite, because, at the end of the day, they’re chemically identical to natural diamonds. The only difference is how they come into being. 

Plus, if you’re buying a lab-grown diamond, you know that you’ll be able to get a larger diamond for the same amount as what you would spend on a natural diamond. The massive benefit here is that, with Whiteflash, you know what you’re going to get will be visually stunning, as Whiteflash’s offerings represent some of the finest diamonds on the market, a reality that will stretch over into their new range of lab-grown diamonds.

Whiteflash A CUT ABOVE®

Whiteflash is known for its A CUT ABOVE® Super Ideal Cut diamonds. These stones are considered to be of world-class and super ideal cut, and Whiteflash uses stringent procedures to ensure only the finest diamonds make the grade. The stones are renowned for their perfect Hearts and Arrows formation, allowing for the greatest light return.

This is where Whiteflash truly set itself apart; its passion and belief in this cut is presented in great detail across its website. The lab reports, technical data, and images it provides for each stone are the same as those used by its expert gemologists. The transparency of this shows Whiteflash’s confidence and honesty within the world of diamond retail.

To simplify, this is where A CUT ABOVE® diamond would be placed, relative to AGS and GIA premium cuts. The small bracket demonstrates the standard that Whiteflash strives for in its offerings.

Whiteflash’s approach is entirely unforgiving, and only the most precise and masterful cuts are allowed the title of A CUT ABOVE®. While an excellent attribute to have with any diamond, its heavy push on in-house stones leaves little room for exploring other elements of the stone.

The technical data is void without an in-depth understanding of its relevance. Education when buying a diamond is essential, but buying from Whiteflash may involve more study time than one is willing to give.

Other Benefits

It is clear from its selection of services that Whiteflash prides itself on customer satisfaction as well as return businesses. It offers international shipping, complimentary ring sizing and money back guarantee among a host of other buyback and upgrade options. Whiteflash is creating a foothold in return business by keeping its buyers close.

Through my research on diamond upgrades or trade-up schemes, Whiteflash seems to have the best upgrade policy compared to other major jewelers, including Tiffany’s, with its simple and straightforward approach. With Whiteflash you need not buy a more expensive diamond - may that be increase in carat, clarity or size, while other jewelers will require you to purchase at least 50% more expensive diamonds - to qualify the upgrade scheme. 

Here's a summary of all the benefits:

  • Free Shipping Worldwide: Enjoy free delivery on all orders, no matter where you are in the world. This service ensures that your purchase arrives safely and without any additional cost. More about Free Shipping

  • Lifetime Trade-Up Guarantee: Whiteflash provides a lifetime trade-up option on all certified diamond purchases, allowing you to upgrade your diamond at any time. Details on Trade-Up

  • One Year Buy Back: For added peace of mind, Whiteflash offers a one-year buy-back guarantee, giving you the option to sell back your diamond for 70% of its purchase price within the first year. One-Year Buy Back Information

  • Money Back Guarantee: If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, Whiteflash offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, ensuring a risk-free buying experience. Money Back Guarantee Details

  • Customer Loyalty Program: Participate in the referral program to earn rewards for introducing others to Whiteflash. This loyalty program is designed to thank and benefit returning customers. Learn More about Referral Rewards

  • One Year Service Plan: Whiteflash also includes a comprehensive one-year service plan covering maintenance and repairs, ensuring your jewelry remains as pristine as the day you received it. Service Plan Details

These policies are part of Whiteflash's commitment to providing exceptional value and support throughout your diamond buying journey. For more information, click the links associated with each benefit.

The Final Word

Taking the time to explore Whiteflash's A CUT ABOVE® diamonds and other premier in-house cuts is highly recommended. These diamonds rank among the finest available in online retail, offering unmatched brilliance and quality.

Navigating through the technical terms may require some effort, but understanding their importance can greatly enhance your purchasing decision. Opting for a Whiteflash diamond ensures you receive a gem that dazzles uniquely, setting a high standard in transparency, integrity, and quality in the diamond industry.

For further insights into your options, consider reading my reviews of other major retailers like James Allen and Blue Nile, which could help you make a well-rounded decision.

Whether you're experienced in jewelry shopping or new to the scene, Whiteflash is designed to meet your needs. The company takes great care to present detailed scientific facts about its products, ensuring informed decisions for discerning buyers. Simultaneously, those new to buying jewelry will find Whiteflash's comprehensive offers, robust guarantees, and extensive certifications across its website particularly reassuring. Dive into the world of Whiteflash, where quality meets transparency in every facet of your purchase.

Whiteflash FAQs

1How does Whiteflash's customer service compare to other diamond retailers?
Whiteflash is known for its excellent customer service and helpful staff. All their staff are GIA trained and promote an educational and relaxed buying process. No pushy sales people here.
2Does Whiteflash provide laboratory certification for their diamonds?
Yes, all Whiteflash diamonds come with a GIA, IGI or AGS laboratory certification.
3What type of payment methods does Whiteflash accept?
Whiteflash accepts all major credit cards, PayPal, and bank wire transfers.
4Does Whiteflash offer any returns or exchanges?
Yes, Whiteflash offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and free exchanges and returns.
5Does Whiteflash have any special shipping or delivery policies?
Whiteflash offers free insured shipping, as well as express delivery options. Many diamonds and settings can be shipped same day.
6Does Whiteflash sell lab grown diamonds?
Yes, Whiteflash sells round and princess cut lab diamonds which are cut to the strictest parameters to produce the maximum fire and brilliance.