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Although there is no definitive, average size for an engagement ring, I can tell you from experience that a 2.00ct diamond ring is considered a significant weight for an engagement ring. Bursting with brilliance, a well-cut 2.00ct diamond is a fantastic weight for showing off all the twinkling properties that diamonds have to offer.

This guide will take you through the process of buying a 2-carat diamond ring to ensure you get the best possible diamond for the best price.

How Big is 2 Carat Diamond?

Carat describes the weight of the diamond, rather than the size. A 2-carat diamond is equivalent to 400mg. The diamond shape, cut quality and the setting it is placed in will all impact upon how big the diamond looks.

The higher up the carat weight goes, the rarer it becomes to find a high-quality diamond. An eye-clean, sparkling white, 2 carat diamond that has been cut to perfection is not easy to come by, but with a comprehensive knowledge of the 4C’s and some expert guidance, you can confidently shop for the 2-carat diamond of your dreams.

Using the Four C’s to Buy a 2 Carat Diamond

A thorough knowledge of the Four C’s is essential, regardless of the carat weight you are buying. As you move into the upper carat weights for engagement jewelry (2.00ct and above) there is a shift in grade requirements. Larger diamonds can be less forgiving when it comes to inclusions and color presence.

Even so, it is possible to find flexibility in some areas and suit the diamond to your budget. Paying above and beyond for the top-quality grades will translate into large price hikes with little optical trade-off.


Cut quality determines the light performance of the diamond and this translates into fire, brilliance and scintillation. Without a fantastic cut, even a diamond with top clarity and color specs will appear dull and lack lustre.

The GIA and AGS both give accurate and consistent cut grades. I would recommend only considering top tier diamonds that receive an ‘Excellent’ (GIA) or a 0 (AGS Ideal) cut grade.

I would also advise going beyond this. Though reliable, the AGS and GIA cut grades encompass diamonds which ‘just’ make the grade. There can be a significant difference between the light performance of two diamonds with Excellent cut grades. Super-ideal cut diamonds are round brilliant stones that have been cut and polished to exacting standards. These incredibly rare diamonds give a stunning light performance and perfect optical symmetry.

For the best of the best, take a look at the A CUT ABOVE® super-ideal cut diamonds by Whiteflash. As well as being some of the best performing diamonds on the market, Whiteflash also provide advanced light performance reports and HD Video so you can see exactly how the diamond is working and where your money is going. If you need a fancy shaped diamond try Blue Nile and for colored diamonds head to Leibish and Co.


Some cuts conceal color more effectively than others. For example, brilliant cuts mask color more deftly than step cuts. This make step cuts fantastic for fancy colored diamonds as they give a wonderful intensity, but it means a higher color grade is necessary for colorless diamonds. 

For a brilliant cut, 2.00ct diamond, I would suggest an H-I in color. For step cuts, a G would be more suitable.

Remember that color is subjective and that the color of the setting will also alter the appearance of color. Warmer settings such as rose and yellow gold will help enhance the white of a diamond.


Eye-clean is key for 2.00ct diamonds. The larger the diamond, the more obvious inclusions will appear. Again, brilliant cuts are better at concealing inclusions, and settings can be used to hide inclusions that sit around the edge of a diamond.

High-res imaging and 360 videos are a must when analysing clarity. Giving a detailed view of a diamond, they will help you determine whether or not there are any unsightly or problematic inclusions.

Using this technology will also help you make the most of your budget. This G-SI1 round brilliant on James Allen is “eye-clean” and an “excellent cut”. By contrast, this G-VS2 round brilliant has several problematic inclusions, some of which are in the table of the diamond. Both diamonds are an excellent cut grade.

Despite the higher clarity grade, I wouldn’t recommend the VS2 diamond – it is also $880 more expensive than the eye-clean diamond.

How Expensive is a 2 Carat Diamond?

This 2.068ct I-SI1 is part of the A CUT ABOVE® range of super-ideal cut diamonds by Whiteflash. It is eye-clean and the I color is a great grade for a round brilliant diamond. It ticks all the boxes for me in terms of balancing budget with qualities that can be appreciated by eye. At $18,627, I would suggest this is a great price for a 2.00ct diamond of this quality.

The price differences between 2 carat diamonds can be tens of thousands of dollars. Ensuring a reasonable spend is all about knowing what you’re looking at and prioritizing cut quality and certification.

Where to buy a 2 Carat Diamond Ring?

Certification, the four c’s and reliable online vendors are a must when shopping for a 2.00ct diamond. Begin your search with the industry leaders; Blue Nile, James Allen and Whiteflash. This will give you a starting point for trusted price comparisons. If you’re looking for the best quality cut diamonds then consider the A CUT ABOVE® Diamonds from Whiteflash. James Allen and Blue Nile are more suitable for smaller budgets but they have a great selection of diamonds.

I am always on hand to offer personalized guidance through the diamond buying process to guarantee a beautiful diamond without being ripped off. Please contact me for free advice.