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The Ultimate Diamond Buyer’s Guide

With the help of Diamond Expert, you will have access to the most comprehensive resource of diamond knowledge online, to help inform your buying decision before parting with your money.

The Diamond Education section is designed to give you all the vital information about diamonds because I understand how complicated and confusing buying diamonds can be. It gets even harder if you aren’t aware of what influences the value of a diamond. Therefore, it’s my goal to simplify the diamond and engagement ring buying process with my guides.

This website is a resource site, and I don’t offer for sale diamonds or engagement rings. The information provided here are guides to help you to get the most from your budget. To start have a read of my Whiteflash, Brilliant Earth and James Allen reviews.

About the Diamond Expert



I’m Louis Jacobs, and I am the founder of the Diamond Expert website. I’m a diamond enthusiast from Antwerp, Belgium - a city renowned as the diamond capital of the world. This environment instilled in me a deep fascination for these precious stones from a young age.

As a teenager, I became increasingly drawn to the world of diamonds, dedicating much of my free time to learning about their many facets. By my early twenties, my extensive knowledge had earned me the nickname of "Diamond Expert" among my close circle.

I was fortunate to begin my professional journey in the diamond industry at the Diamond Quarter in Antwerp over 30 years ago. Since then, I've accumulated a wealth of expertise and insights into the diamond world.

Beyond my professional life, I've always been the go-to person for advice on diamond purchases among my family and friends. I've guided many through the process of selecting the perfect diamond, particularly helping friends find the most beautiful and value-for-money engagement rings.

Now in my retirement, I feel compelled to share the knowledge. My aim is to guide you through every step of your diamond purchase journey, ensuring you're well-informed and confident in your decisions.