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For buyers who are looking for beautifully-crafted designer settings and customized jewelry made to their own precise specifications, Victor Canera may be an option. His jewelry is forged by hand, and is made to the highest quality standards, often featuring detailing that is exceptionally intricate. 

Their marketing states that Victor Canera specializes in selling ideal cut diamonds which have been fully optimized for beauty and light performance. As a result, it is an impressive one-stop shop for bespoke and exquisite jewelry. Customers can handpick their own diamond then get a unique ring handcrafted to their precise specifications – something which is highly desirable, particularly amongst those who are keen to create their own bespoke engagement ring. But do they stack up to these claims?

Hearts & Arrows Diamonds from Victor Canera

If you’re purchasing a diamond, you need to be aware that cut is the most important factor when it comes to determining its beauty and appearance. An excellent cut is able to help offset color tints and clarity flaws in the diamond, and helps get you even better value for money from your purchase. 

The Victor Canera Ideal Hearts diamonds have an excellent cut quality and are amongst the best round brilliant cuts available today (they come alongside True Hearts™ by James Allen, but fall slightly short of the light performance and quality of the Whiteflash A CUT ABOVE® Diamonds.)

Not only is the website a breeze to browse, but it also offers extremely detailed information that the purchase can use which can be easily found on the page. Magnified images of each diamond are also provided which allows customers to exactly visualize the appearance of the diamond – something which not all online retailers can offer.

Furthermore, Victor Canera Ideal Hearts diamonds have been stringently curated to ensure that only the very best diamonds are included in the range. You can check the diamonds’ performance and light return under idealscope and ASET. These diamonds are all cut for fire, brilliance, scintillation and sparkle, with each facet being carefully polished to exacting mathematical proportions to yield a jewel with the very best light performance. 

A Review of Canera’s European Round and Antique Cushion Diamonds 

In terms of beautifully cut vintage diamonds, the Victora Canera brand is a good contender in the field. Its signature cut diamonds use proprietary designs for precise craftsmanship and maximum light return. Receiving honors for its light performance, the CAC (Canera Antique Cushion) diamond is cut extremely precisely for a bold scintillation pattern, while the CER (Canera European Round) has been designed specifically for its optical performance and vintage charm, displaying an impressive optical symmetry which resembles an open flower with impressive light return.

Sales Policies

Whether you’re buying offline or online, you’re sure to want the reassurance that comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. This is something that you needn’t worry about when you buy from this vendor. 

Not only that, but Victor Canera also offers a 21-day return period for customers, which isn’t as generous as some. US customers even have their shipping expenses covered if a return is necessary. Shipping on all purchases is completely free, with orders being securely delivered by FedEx, all covered by insurance. 

Buyback and Upgrade Policies

All of Victor Canera’s signature diamonds are offered with an upgrade plan that is very generous when compared with policies from other vendors. Full credit is provided towards a brand-new diamond that has a greater or equal value. Not only that, but there is also a buyback policy in place, where Victor Canera will buy a diamond back for a percentage of the original value.

Looking for the best trade up guarantee available, read my article here. You’d be surprised about how many of customers choose to upgrade down the line. 

Custom Work and Ring Settings

Most jewelers will create pieces by using CAD/CAM and casting processes, whereas all of Victor Canera’s pieces are hand-forged and made to order. This allows for far more precise detailing as well as finishing that simply isn’t possible when using CAD/CAM. Also, unlike the standard casting technique that is used to fabricate most jewelry, hand-forging allows the metal to be denser and stronger for better resistance to scratching and damage. 

While Victor Canera’s customized pieces are more costly, if you value craftsmanship and quality, it can be worth it. Victor Canera can produce particularly attractive settings to create dramatic effects, with halo rings being the brand’s specialty. By focusing on patience and time, Victor Canera’s impeccable workmanship results in painstakingly hand-crafted details and meticulous finishing that ensures a flawless result. 

The hand-crafted techniques also ensure that more precise details are possible. For example, hand-engraved motifs can be produced on the ring’s side profile. This would simply not be able to be reproduced at such a detailed level using CAD/CAM designs. This means that if you’re seeking a truly unique vintage-style diamond engagement ring you’re in reliable hands.

An Overall View of Victor Canera’s Diamonds

Victor Canera is not only an excellent vendor who knows a lot about diamonds and settings, but he’s also surprisingly simply to work and communicate with. While a surprising number of jewelers lack artistic and technical knowledge, even if they’ve been working in the business for many years, Victor’s expertise is outstanding and he can produce extremely artistic results that never fail to impress.

If you’re seeking a truly beautifully-made and customized engagement ring, Victor Canera is worth considering. Of course, it’s vital to understand that there can be no shortcut when it comes to high-quality workmanship, and quality comes with a price attached, but it is precisely this expertise and craftsmanship that has led to Victor Canera being one of the industry’s most sought-after jewelers. If you’re looking for Victor Canera quality but at a fairer price, then try Whiteflash who also specialize in super ideal cut diamonds, their A Cut Above Diamonds have some of the best light performance available. Other options to consider and Blue Nile and James Allen - they both have great selections of diamonds, for all budgets but at a lower quality generally.