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Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Union Diamond is a corporation which deals primarily with diamond jewelry. 

Originally, the brand began life as a loose diamonds wholesale outlet that supplied to retail stores and dealers alike. However, over time, the business grew, and branched out into retail selling. Today, Union Diamond sells directly to its customers and is one of the best-known diamond retailers in the online arena. 

Here, you can find out more about Union Diamond’s product offerings and business model so that you can determine whether they’re a good choice when making your next diamond purchase.

Usability and Navigation of the Website

As might be expected, the Union Diamond website is professional in appearance and boasts a user-friendly interface which is simple enough for even novices to browse. To start your search, it’s possible to create your own account in which you can save shortlisted items. Conversely, you can start shopping as a guest, browsing the available offerings before making a purchasing choice.

The website offers a simple search tool which you can use by entering some keywords in order to narrow down the type of diamond you’re seeking. Thereafter, it’s possible to refine the search by utilizing the resources or product classification parameters.

One major issue with buying engagement rings online is a lack of key data such as diamond images and HD videos so that you can clearly see what you’re purchasing. Unfortunately, like most other online diamond retailers, many of Union Diamond’s diamond listings only supply a certificate with nothing more offered. 

For discerning shoppers, a grading report simply contains too little information to be analyzed or to reveal how a diamond will look in real-life. Some other vendors offer the latest high definition video technology so you can interact with and scrutinize even the smallest detail of each diamond on sale. Alas, Union Diamond do not.

Offerings and Product Range 

Mainly, Union Diamond deals with custom-set and pre-set jewelry, directly distributed from their showroom in Atlanta. However, there are other products on offer from this company including fashion jewelry pieces such as necklaces, earrings, watches, bracelets and pendants. Interestingly, although Union Diamonds does offer a large loose diamond inventory, wedding bands and custom-made engagement rings are still their top-selling retail items.

Another "advantage" of buying from Union Diamond is its extensive product range available via their huge selection of wholesale contacts. As a result, you’re sure to be able to find an ideal jewelry item whatever you budget or preferences. Even if you find your ideal item isn’t readily available at that time, Union Diamond has the necessary resources to find something that’s perfect for you in just 24 hours. However as none of these diamonds provide any sort of light performance images or HD Video I would not recommend buying with them online.

Another feature of Union Diamond is the fact that most of the diamonds that can be found on its website come with their own GIA grading report. This is an assurance that the quality of the diamond has been accurately and properly described, however the lack of diamond videos and light performance images make it hard to recommend buying online. 

Trilliant Cut Diamonds are Available

One of the big selling points of Union Diamonds is their line of loose trilliant cut diamonds. This retailer is one of just a few to stock this range of fancy-cut diamonds, and is a trusted vendor with an impressive selection of trilliant cut GIA certified diamonds. Again, however I'd suggest purchasing in person due to the lack of imagery or otherwise look at other fancy-cut specialists like James Allen or Blue Nile

Packaging and Prices

When it comes to pricing, you can expect Union Diamond to offer prices that are a little better than those offered by some other big-name online stores. However as you're buying blind, it's very difficult to say with any certainty. 

As another added advantage, when paying for your purchase, Union Diamond can offer a 3% discount should you elect to pay with a wire transfer. There are, however, plenty of other payment options available including all types of major credit card and PayPal. It’s important to note, though, that since the retailer bears transactional charges if you choose to use a credit card or PayPal, you’ll receive no discount if you use these types of payment for your purchase. This is to be expected however, and does not set them apart. 

Furthermore, another benefit of Union Diamond comes in the form of its product packaging, which looks highly professional and impressive. In fact, their packaging represents some of the very best within the entire jewelry sector. 

After Sales Service and Customer Support

Having excellent customer support is something that all purchasers want to count on when buying diamonds from any retailer. You’ll be pleased to note that you can expect a good service in this regard from Union Diamond. Their customer support team is available to be contacted 24/7 via your customer account via telephone, live chat or on their website itself. 

Whether you’re seeking help to register your customer account, need some ideas about what to buy, want to custom-design an engagement ring, or need support with making payment, it’s always possible to contact customer services and ask them to take you step-by-step through the necessary process. Also, you’ll benefit from a 30-day money back guarantee on every purchase.

Union Diamonds – The Final Word

If you’re on a lower budget but are still looking for a truly impressive piece of diamond jewelry, you may be disappointed by Union Diamond. 

Their wholesale operations enable their pricing to be more flexible than that offered by their competitors, however they do fall short in one key element of online retail. Unfortunately, customers are buying their diamonds blind with no ability to see how the piece or the diamond itself looks in real life, and this is a major drawback.

Shoppers cannot even benefit from magnified images of the diamonds on sale, and this makes a purchase from this vendor more risky. With this in mind, it may be best to seek out another retailer, even if you’re on a tight budget. For those with smaller budgets, James Allen and Blue Nile offer great options. If you’re looking for the best quality though try A CUT ABOVE® Super Ideal Cut diamonds from Whiteflash, these are the pinnacle of diamond perfection. 

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