Leibish are colored diamond and gemstone specialists. They hold an exceptional collection of loose stones alongside stunning pre-set engagement rings and fine jewelry items. Leibish provide buyers with an in-depth education of colored diamonds and gemstones and are place an impressive focus on which mines their diamonds have been sourced from.

While working in Antwerp, I had the pleasure of observing some of the most striking colored diamonds – would I recommend Leibish for your engagement rings and jewelry? Let’s find out with this Leibish and Co Review.

The History

Leibish started life as a family run company in 1979. After falling into gemstone trading by chance, Leibish Polnauer began crafting a legacy that would continue to bloom for the decades to come. Leibish were one of the first companies to offer large collections of loose, colored diamonds and online – their commitment to keeping up with the times has proven a fundamental aspect of their success. Leibish continues to be a family affair, with Leibish’s children now at the helm.

Leibish essentially set out to do the impossible; sourcing and buying extremely rare, colored diamonds and gemstones and offering them to the open market in an accessible and regulated way. His vision has been realised, and Leibish now supply diamonds for jewelry houses and designers across the globe including global diamond giants, Graff. Better still, they offer ‘normal’ buyers the opportunity to find something exceptional without having to go through the somewhat overwhelming experience of an auction.

The Quality

The Leibish experience is top notch from start to finish. They are quite simply the best vendors for fancy colored diamonds. They know their strengths and focus on them. Their business model is sleek and instead of moving into ‘rack them and stack them’ low quality jewelry to make a quick profit, Leibish keep their standards high and their intent clear.

This is the part where I usually tell you there’s a cheaper/better vendor to be found elsewhere online. Not this time. Blue Nile and James Allen do hold collections of colored diamonds, but they tend to be the more commonly found stones. Leibish have an inventory that covers a range of hues, tones, saturations and cuts that are currently unmatched by any other online vendor.

Diamonds with such unique colors require a different kind of care and attention when it comes to setting them. Whether it’s the tone of the metal used or the accompanying gemstones, Leibish are masters of fancy colored diamonds; their designs are carefully considered and ensure the diamond and its color are both being shown to their full potential.

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Leibish Highlights

Shopping for a fancy colored diamond or a precious gemstone is very different to shopping for a ‘white’ colorless diamond. However, it is just as important that you know exactly what you’re looking at to avoid overspending.

Leibish have set the benchmark for the sale of fancy colored diamonds online, so this checklist outlines exactly why I recommend Leibish for your gemstone needs.

  • Education: Leibish have very clear, concise education pages that cover everything you need to know about fancy colored diamonds.
  • Variety: Leibish have serious buying power and for customers this means every color and cut you could dream of.
  • In-stock diamonds: Leibish own the diamonds on their website. These are not virtual listings – they are Leibish diamonds. This only further demonstrates Leibish’s command on the fancy color market.
  • Investment/Exceptionally rare: When you work with diamonds, you cannot hide the twinkle in your eye when a customer is looking for something exceptional…something unique…something exciting! Leibish know they are the first port of call for fancy color lovers and cater to a range of price points – right up to those ‘once in a lifetime’ diamonds.
  • Policies and warranty: Leibish have fair, customer-centred policies. As always, be sure to read these in detail before making a purchase.

The Price

The pricing of fancy colored diamonds can, to the untrained eye, feel entirely random. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and you may find this works in your favour when it comes to colored stones. For example, for the last five years there has been a steady but significant increase in the popularity of light, pastel shades. These lighter colors typically demand a much lower price than their intense, rare counter parts, so should you taste fall into this category, you will pull back your budget. Demand drives price, but color intensity and a pure hue have held hearts for centuries and continue to be the rarest and most expensive diamonds around.

You will find colored diamonds on Leibish from $500 to $2 million dollars. Colored diamonds are rare, but like all diamonds, price increases with quality and rarity. Do not rule out colored diamonds if you are working to a modest budget; explore Leibish and you may just be amazed at what is possible.

Whether you’re looking for a colored stone to steal your heart or an investment piece, Leibish offer all the perks of online diamond buying alongside specialist knowledge and attention to detail.

The Bottom Line

I love companies that maintain focus. Just as Whiteflash dedicate their business to exceptionally cut, colorless diamonds, so too have Leibish honed their craft to bring you the best colored diamonds and gemstones around. Look for industry leaders and settle for nothing less.