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It’s not often I get to review a diamond wholesaler. Fortunately, Abe Mor’s work has caught my attention. With a wholesaler, you buy diamonds straight from the source, and don’t have to work with a diamond retailer. This isn’t necessarily an advantage, as many diamond retailers are well worth purchasing from. However, for those who want a smaller journey in their diamonds, who want a diamond that hasn’t changed hands multiple times, buying from a wholesaler maybe the way to go.

So what makes Abe Mor stand out? Is this a wholesaler worth trusting? I’ve spent the last few weeks looking into Abe Mor, their service offering, and what others are saying about them to give you an unfiltered review of this diamond wholesaler.

About Abe More

Abe Mor moved from Israel to the US in the 1960s, after years of working in the diamond industry from an early age. The origins of his company are undoubtedly impressive, as Abe learned all about diamonds from the age of thirteen, polishing diamonds and learning all about their characteristics. He’s been in the industry since then, and has witnessed all the changes.

Working out of New York, Abe Mor the company has developed strong relationships with countless retailers around the country. They focus on providing clients with the same care and respect they give to their diamonds, and view customer service as a truly important feature of their business.

The Abe Mor Website

Their website has the kind of information you would expect from a wholesaler. It’s not built to the same extent some diamond retailers have, as Abe Mor is not an ecommerce giant. Their full inventory is not listed online, and to make a purchase you have to physically talk to a member of staff (which is seen as an advantage in the eyes of many).

Their focus on personal service means that their site is a little ‘bare bones’—but that’s to be expected. They thrive on providing in-person service. That being said, there is a good amount of information on their website. At the time of writing, they are advertising 792 diamonds for sale.

While each diamond is well-described, with multiple important characteristics being advertised, there is one big flaw—there are no HD images of each diamond.

The Abe Mor Diamonds

Abe Mor will certainly provide you with a different experience from diamond retailers. Because they are a wholesaler, you will be able to find some truly unique diamonds for better prices than what you would find in retailers. These are still pretty expensive, however, they can be a far better deal than buying from a retailer, who has increased prices to recoup their original purchase price plus ensuring they have a good profit margin on each sale.

If you’re looking for something truly unique, you can contact Abe Mor directly, providing your details and the type of diamond you’re looking for.

Selling to Abe Mor

For years I’ve been asked to answer the question ‘Where’s a good place to buy diamonds from?’ Of course, I can answer that straight away. However, it’s rare I’m asked where’s the best place to sell diamonds.

Fortunately, I think I’ve come across my answer with Abe Mor.

With a 4.5 star Yelp review and  a 4.8 star Google review, Abe Mor is obviously doing something right. The reviews I’ve read have been fantastic, with one happy customer stating “The selling experience with Abe Mor was as delightful as it could be.”. Essentially, if you’re selling a diamond, Abe Mor is a great choice, and it’s very rare to see a wholesaler working that directly with a consumer.

Where’s the Best Place to Buy Diamonds?

I have three favorite diamond retailers who I recommend to both first-time buyers and seasoned diamond experts, time and time again; Whiteflash, James Allen, and Blue Nile. If you’d like to see why I think this, head to the Diamond Expert Diamond Reviews section.

Abe Mor’s Customer Service

Across the diamond industry, customer service is highly varied. I’ve experienced the kind of customer service that changes your view on an entire business in the best way, and I’ve experienced the kind of customer service that makes you never return to a place again. So where does Abe Mor fit into that?

Now, Abe Mor does not have the same guarantees as diamond retailers, such as warranties or long-term return policies. However, they make up for this in the sheer quality of their customer service. The best way to sell or buy from them is through direct contact, which you won’t regret.

Abe Mor’s Prices

As I’ve stated, if you’re buying a diamond, Abe Mor might not be the best place to start looking. Their least expensive diamonds start from the $20,000 mark, which is an incredibly steep price even for those with big budgets.

On the other hand, when it comes to selling, you probably won’t find a better offer for your diamond/s anywhere else. In comparison to other buyers, Abe Mor consistently offered the best prices for diamonds.

My Final Thoughts

Abe Mor is undoubtedly expensive, with their diamonds always selling for more than $20,000. This will put many people off, and I will always say that you can find a fantastic diamond elsewhere for a fraction of the price. These diamonds will be rare, and their price tags reflect that. But, generally, if you’re looking to buy—shop around.

However, Abe Mor are an absolutely fantastic place to sell a diamond. Their purchasing process is quick and you’re pretty much guaranteed to get a good price for your diamond (provided it is worth purchasing).

So if you are thinking of trading-in or upgrading a diamond, think Abe Mor. For diamond purchasing, I’d argue you can go elsewhere. I would recommend Blue Nile if you’re looking for cheaper diamonds, for super high quality cut diamonds then Whiteflash is your best option and for lower budgets check out Blue Nile.

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