The Best Places to Buy Diamonds Online

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I have watched the diamond industry change and grow throughout my career, but no single development has had a greater impact on the way we buy diamonds than the internet. Companies can now offer a streamlined and tailored experience, offering security to the buyer at prices that leave even the hardiest Hatton Garden dealers scratching their head.

The incredible opportunity to purchase diamonds online has brought about a new wave of buyers, relishing the chance to shop with zero pressure but plenty of information. The rules have changed and the modern buyer is informed and critical, asking all the right questions and knowing when they should and shouldn’t part with their money.

The golden rules of buying a diamond online are:

  • Certification
  • Light Performance Imaging/HD Video
  • Trade-up/Buy back/Returns and other customer focused policies
  • In-stock Diamonds

Allow me to introduce the best online vendors who comfortably tick these boxes and go beyond to ensure every customer has a wonderful experience and walks away with a knockout diamond.

Whiteflash: Best of the Best


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A lot of focus is placed on Whiteflash’s in-house collection of super-ideal cut diamonds; their A CUT ABOVE® range of diamonds represent the pinnacle of diamond performance, displaying incredible light performance with all the reports to back it up. But Whiteflash are not a one trick pony - they are a tried and tested favourite for thousands of customers across the globe. Here’s why:

Customer Focused: Whiteflash have won countless prestigious awards, notably they are the 2020 Pinnacle Award Winners by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Their trade-up schemes are unrivalled, allowing you to trade-up your A CUT ABOVE® diamond for any diamond equal to or greater than original price (most trade-up policies require around a 30% price increase or more).  On top of their excellent customer service (both instore and via online chat services), their policies prove their commitment to customer experience.  For independent Whiteflash reviews you can visit third party review sites such as Google, and Yelp.

Light Performance Imaging & Reports: Another area where Whiteflash remain unrivalled is their diamond imaging and performance reports. ASET, Hearts & Arrows, Sarine and Idealscope are all provided alongside high-res images and 360 HD video. There is simply no better way to view and understand a diamond than on the Whiteflash website.

Education & Specs: Whiteflash prove that the devil is in the detail. Their diamond specs and educational pages cover the most intricate aspects of diamond cutting and performance, in an accessible, user-friendly format.

Quality In-Stock Diamonds & Settings: Whiteflash only sell GIA and AGS certified diamonds. They hold a huge collection of in-stock loose diamonds, which is not an easy thing to find in an online vendor. Their designer engagement rings settings are the perfect partners to these stunning diamonds, demonstrating the same quality and attention to detail.  Tacori, A. Jaffe and Simon G are just a few of the names which grace the Whiteflash portfolio and their in-house settings ensure a range of price points to suit all budgets.

Whiteflash have covered all bases to guarantee a seamless shopping experience from start to finish. Begin with a thorough education, connect with experts and use the detailed search tools and high-res images to find a beautiful diamond.

James Allen: Variety & Imaging

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James Allen are online leaders for engagement rings and other diamond jewelry. They pioneered the way we view diamonds online and their loose stones are photographed and displayed to give buyers the best view possible. Here are some of my James Allen highlights:

Diamond imaging: Cutting edge technology and a big inventory make for a smooth shopping experience with James Allen.

Variety: If you are looking for fancy shapes, colored diamonds, lab-grown/synthetic diamonds or even sapphires, James Allen have it all. While variety is a wonderful thing, it also means not all the diamonds available on James Allen are high quality – take full advantage of their diamond imaging to avoid disappointment.

24/7 Chat: James Allen’s whole model is entirely geared towards the online experience. You can contact their friendly advisors’ day or night for advice.

James Allen lack the attention to detail that we see from Whiteflash. Nevertheless, there are some good diamonds to be found and a good collection of settings to partner them with. Shop with a discerning eye and you can have a great experience with James Allen.

Blue Nile: European Favourite

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Blue Nile made history as the first company to sell diamonds on the internet. Their website is easy to use and they have collaborated with some wonderful designers for their collection of settings. They boast the biggest inventory of diamonds, though few of these are in-stock diamonds. For European buyers, Blue Nile offer a great opportunity to find a beautiful diamond available for delivery.

Budget: Blue Nile is excellent for those who are on a budget but still have very specific ideas about what they want for their jewelry. It’s important to note that with a lower price, comes a lower cut quality.

Designer Rings: Blue Nile has collaborated with some brilliant designers to create pre-set jewelry and engagement rings. Many of these pieces can still be altered and adapted into a special order just for you.

Services: Blue Nile offers exceptional support including complimentary cleaning and servicing, re-sizing and warranty of your jewelry.

Leibish: Colored Gemstone Experts

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The appeal of colored diamonds and gemstones for engagement rings and jewelry began centuries ago. Though most modern buyers are looking for an icy white diamond, those who are after something a little different should start with Leibish. As industry leaders in colored gemstones, they hold an impressive collection of high-quality diamonds and stones, as well as some remarkable pre-set jewelry.

These vendors get my vote for inspiring confidence in buyers and bringing excellent quality to the online market. Settle for nothing less.

It's understandable that you may still have questions on which diamonds to buy after reading the Diamond Education and my blog sections, so please do not hesitate to get in touch.

As mentioned in my Concierge Service page, I don’t sell diamonds or diamond jewelry; instead, I give recommendations based on your requirements and budgets.