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The value of a diamond is determined by factors such as weight, cut and often by its clarity as well. Some would think that purer stones would be the most precious since they are free from any other natural substances. However, some would think that diamonds that occur even less because they are laced with said minerals could be termed as ‘precious’ because of their rarity.

The process by which they are formed makes diamonds a miracle of nature, even more so when they are naturally colored. This is because they not only require immense pressure and extreme temperatures, the trace of elements that gives it color rarely occurs by chance. These elements react with the carbon structure of the diamond to give it long-lasting color.

These are called fancy colored diamonds by jeweler terminology. Each color in the spectrum for fancy colors is caused by a different element. The colors include shades of yellow, green, blue, pink, gray and black.

Traces of nitrogen in a diamond can give it a yellow color whereas structural irregularities can give it a deeper shade of orange. Brown, pink, and red are all colors caused by irregularities in the structure that sometimes combine with an impurity to give color. The presence of boron in a diamond gives it a deeper blue color, which is distinctly visible in regular light.

Black diamonds are the result of a significant number of impurities throughout the structure, which is reflected by internal inclusions. The green shade in diamonds is mostly caused by natural radiation whereas the presence of hydrogen can result in gray colored diamonds. The color grade for such diamonds ranges from faint to fancy dark.

Other factors determining quality apply when buying a fancy colored diamond as well. However, these characteristics do not greatly influence the value of a colored diamond. This is due to the fact that inclusions that affect clarity merge with the color.

In the case of fancy colored diamonds, the cut does not influence value as critically as it does for colorless diamonds. This is because colored diamonds have to be cut in a fashion to retain more weight while emitting maximum color. This technique itself leads to cut styles with enhanced brilliance.

When it comes to buying a diamond, not a lot of people have the option of buying one as often as one buys clothes or breakfast cereal. They are a valuable investment and prized asset. Hence, it is crucial to put a great deal of thought into what cut, color or shape you want to buy.

Choosing something unique is always the way to go if you’re one to get picky. It’s true that no two diamonds are the same, but that’s speaking in terms of internal properties invisible to the naked eye. How about something more visibly distinct and unlike the rest? This is where it’s recommended to consider buying a fancy colored diamond. The color diamond that you will choose will be an adequate depiction of your personality: it allows others to understand your preferences without you having to say much.