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Diamonds last forever. Still, a proper diamond care is crucial if you wish to retain that dancing sparkle for a long, long time. Furthermore, even though they may be one of the hardest substances present on earth, they are not indestructible. They can break and chip and are particularly vulnerable at the girdle. Plus, they collect dirt pretty quickly and easily, and may thus lose their shine and worth.


Why Look After Your Diamonds?

During the course of ordinary wear and tear, a diamond is exposed to dust, dirt, makeup, perspiration, and natural skin oils, along with household chemicals, such as hairspray and chlorine. Over time, these materials deposit on a diamond, dulling its sparkle and even causing discoloration. This not only impacts the aesthetics of your gemstone but also adversely affects its worth.

However, a good way to prevent all of these problems is through having your diamond professionally inspected and cleaned every six months or so to prevent damage and loss. Professional maintenance is key to ensuring your jewelry’s beauty and longevity.

It is recommended that you take your diamonds to a professional jeweler who will make sure that your jewelry remains in top shape for many years to come. A jeweler will check that the prongs and mountings are still strong. If they are damaged then they will take appropriate steps to repair and ensure the stone doesn’t fall out. At the same time, the jeweler will also clean your diamond. Even though this may be a more expensive method, it is still worth it.


What To Expect?

Professional diamond jewelry care typically involves 3 main steps:

1.  Polishing – The diamond jewelry is first buffed and polished on a high-speed wheel. All the small abrasions and scratches are removed from the surface of the jewelry and it is restored to its original, flawless state.

2.  Next, the diamond is cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner. Together with the cleaning solution, the ultra-sonic vibrates at a high speed, further dislodging all the small particles adhering to the gemstone or the metal.

3.   The final step is steam cleaning where the diamond jewelry is held under a powerful steam jet. This helps get rid of any last residue of undesirable clinging dirt.

There are many jewelers who sell ready-made diamond cleaning kits for as little as $10, which can be used in the comfort of your home. If you are going for a professional service, expect to pay somewhere $50 to $100, or even more depending on your jewelry and your choice of a jeweler. Make sure you do not compromise a jeweler’s reputation and service quality by focusing too much on the price.

If you are going to get your diamond professionally cleaned, make sure you choose a jeweler who is a reputable one and has years of experience. This will help you avoid any future hassle and inflated bills.


Between your cleaning at the jewelers there are ways to clean your diamonds at home look to keep your diamonds at the best condition.